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All-Ceramic Crowns

Dental Crowns in Leicester

Your cosmetic dentist at Gipsy Lane Dental Practice is able to fit crowns and dental bridges to replace missing teeth. It is important to replace missing teeth so that extra strain is not placed on the teeth either side of the gap (this can lead to chipping, tooth decay and gum disease if food is packed into the gap).

What is a Dental Crown?

Crowns (also known as 'caps') can achieve artificial restoration of cracked, heavily filled or broken teeth by completely covering and protecting the tooth above the gum line. Unlike porcelain veneers, crowns cover the entire surface of the tooth making them both strong and durable. This type of treatment is often referred to as the 'Hollywood' smile makeovers. Crowns are a very effective way of restoring both your aesthetic appearance and your dental health by protecting against further damage to your tooth and against decay. They are carefully made to measure so that a natural and effective finish for each patient can be achieved.



FAQ's on All-Ceramic Crowns

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What are the benefits of an All-Ceramic Crown?

Since they do not contain any metal, All-Ceramic Crowns are bio-compatible. This also means there will be no black line at gum level with your new tooth.

With advances in modern dental technology, All-Ceramic Crowns are proven to be as strong and durable as metal porcelain crowns and so they are able to offer patients the best of both worlds - a long lasting and natural looking solution.

Why would my Dentist recommend a Crown?

If your tooth has become broken, decayed or damaged in such a way that a filling is not strong enough to support the tooth or if you are looking to cover an existing amalgam filling, then a Dental Crown may be recommended by your dentist as the best treatment.

Dental Crowns can last a lifetime and are an ideal treatment for the following:

  • To restore badly broken teeth
  • To restore teeth that have been heavily filled
  • To reshape an uneven or unsightly tooth
  • To restore the brightness to discoloured teeth
  • To protect a root treated tooth
  • To hold a bridge or denture in place

How will my Dentist fit my new Crown?

Your tooth will be prepared by your dentist by removing the outer surface of the tooth to the required shape for the Crown. Once the tooth has been prepared, your Gipsy Lane Dentist will take an impression of the prepared tooth, together with one from the opposite jaw, to record the bite. The impressions are then sent to our expert, dental technicians in our dental laboratory where your new crown is handcrafted and tailored to you. A temporary Crown is fitted until your returning visit, where your new, permanent Crown will be fitted and cemented in place.


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