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Bespoke Dentures in Leicester

Expert Treatment, Individual Results

Do you have denture problems? Are you afraid to smile? Do you want dentures that fit securely, are comfortable and look natural? You're not asking too much!

At Gipsy Lane Dental, we are highly experienced in creating all types of natural looking dentures. Made of the highest quality materials, our Bespoke Dentures are tailor-made to fit the exact contours of your mouth for superior comfort - and for your renewed confidence when it comes to speaking and eating.

Once expertly fitted, they will not only restore your smile - they will also add youthful-looking volume back to your face and transform your overall appearance!


Before and After Denture Treatment





Benefits of Bespoke Dentures

Bespoke dentures in Leicester

Made using materials of the highest quality;  special characteristics can be added to teeth on the denture so that they look like your own natural teeth

Discreet dentures in Leicester

The gums on each denture are carefully contoured and coloured to ensure that they naturally blend in with your own gums

Bespoke dentures in Leicester

Tailor-made to each individual patient; the colour, shape and length of teeth on the denture are designed to give you a stunning new smile

Bespoke dentures in Leicester

With a high impact injection moulded denture base; each one is made to fit the exact contours of your mouth for a perfect fit and superior comfort



Dentures Leicester


Look Younger and Feel More Confident

An affordable option for those looking to replace missing teeth, Bespoke Dentures will improve the function of your teeth (which means you'll have a better chewing efficiency and be able to eat all of your favourite foods again) and will transform the way you look.   

At Gipsy Lane Dental, we use a 'Biometric Approach' to create the Bespoke Dentures of our valued patients. Made specifically to suit your gender and dimensions of your face, this technique means that the shape and length of the teeth on your new denture will be designed to provide optimum individual results - and the stunning new smile you deserve. 



What can I say, I have now got back my trust and confidence in dentristry, thanks to Dr Dhiren Lad. Who I feel is an asset to his position....He has made me feel at ease, cared and understood my needs throughout the treatments. A BIG thank you to Dr Lad and the Team, keep it up and all the best.


What is it like having Denture treatment?

In the video, Mr Suleiman talks about his treatment at Gipsy Lane Dental and how his new dentures have changed his life for the better.

If you are looking for new and secure dentures and have a similar story to Mr Suleiman, please get in touch and our caring, friendly team can discuss options and book you in for an appointment.




Your First Step towards New Dentures...

Why not get in touch with us to request an appointment to find out how our friendly and highly experienced team could transform your smile, and your confidence, with our Bespoke Dentures?

During this appointment, we will be able to take the time to understand the concerns you have with your smile (or existing dentures) and to assess your teeth.

Based on this, we will then be able to talk you through our recommendations, a choice of options on how you could move forwards, and any associated costings - so that you can feel happy and confident in the knowledge that you have found the right treatment option for you. 




Smiling lady with Dentures in Leicester

We would love to hear from you to find out how we can help you smile with confidence