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Our Fees

Proud of our reputation for friendly and caring dentistry, we operate an open and honest pricing policy here at Gipsy Lane Dental. Should you therefore require any treatment during your visit to us, we will always provide you with a choice of treatment options, a written treatment plan and the opportunity to ask any questions or queries you may have.

Please find below a guide to our fees for our most common treatments:

Private/ Cosmetic Dental Fees

Private Treatment Description Fee
New patient examination  £65.00
Emergency consultation £65.00
Routine consultation £65.00
Small x-ray £8.00
Full mouth large x-ray £65.00
First implant consultation (includes photos, x-rays and study models)  £125.00
CT Scan  £125.00
Gum Treatment  
Advanced Gum Treatment From £380.00
Hygienist (30 mins – including upper and lower 6 teeth Airflow stain removal) £64.00
Hygienist (45 mins – including upper and lower 10 teeth Airflow stain removal) £86.00
Direct Access for Hygiene treatment (without having to see a dentist first) 45 mins £86.00
Guided Biofilm Therapy £154.00
Restorative Treatment  
White Fillings: Small (1 surface) £107.00
White Fillings: Medium (2 surfaces) £154.00
White Fillings: Large (3 surfaces) £225.00
Composite Veneer £375.00
Amalgam Fillings: Small (1 surface) £67.00
Amalgam Fillings: Medium (2 surfaces) £88.00
Amalgam Fillings: Large (3 surfaces) £115.00
Temporary Filling £45.00
Aesthetic (Metal-Free) Crown  £620.00
Porcelain on Metal Crown  £575.00
Porcelain Inlay/ Onlay £620.00
Veneers £675.00
Gold crown £720.00
Root Canal Treatment - Incisor  £250.00
Root Canal Treatment -  Premolar  £375.00
Root Canal Treatment -  Molar £575.00
Composite Bonding - all prices are per tooth  
Bioclear 1 surface  £107.00
Bioclear 2 surfaces £180.00
Bioclear 3 surfaces £325.00
Edge Bonding £180.00
Composite Veneer £375.00
Direct Composite build £375.00
Articulated Study Models £500.00
Oral Surgery  
Simple Extraction  £185.00
Surgical Extraction £225.00
Surgical Wisdom Tooth Removal £400.00
Dental Implants  
Single implant with tooth crown £2950.00
Multiple implants Price Quoted per Case
Implant denture – 2 implants £4915.00
Implant denture – 4 implants £7985.00
Full arch fixed implant bridge From £15000.00
Bone graft £450.00 per site
Chrome metal denture (per denture) From £970.00
Partial acrylic denture (per denture) From £507.00
Full acrylic denture (per denture) From £998.40
Adult Braces – Orthodontics  
Invisalign From £3600.00
Vivera retainers (by Invisalign) - 3 sets of upper and lower retainers £550.00
Removable retainer £110.00 per arch
Fixed orthodontic retainer £215.00 per arch
Additonal Treatments  
Tooth Whitening - Boutique Home Kit £375.00
Tooth Whitening - Boutique B1 Guarantee £500.00
Soft Bite Guard (recommended for jaw clenching) £150.00
Hard Bite Guard (recommended for jaw clenching) £875.00
Mouth Guard (help prevent sports injuries) £130.00


Payment Terms

We will provide you with a full treatment estimate of costs. We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as cash and cheques with a valid card.



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