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Replacing Dentures or Multiple Teeth

If you're unhappy with your dentures or missing teeth, a dental implant solution might be an alternative. You have the option to choose between a conventional prosthesis and implant therapy but what are the main differences?

Conventional Bridge vs an Implant

With conventional methods, the two healthy neighboring teeth have to be ground down in order to fix a bridge in place which results in a loss of natural tooth surface. The bridge does not transmit chewing forces to the jaw bone, so bone deterioration may also occur.

A dental implant is a small but strong post made from biocompatible metals or ceramics. The implant replaces the root of the original tooth and the healthy neighboring teeth remain intact without the need for them to be ground down.






At Gipsy Lane Dental our approach is simple, we believe in offering the best in personalised dental care and state of the art technologies set in the comfort of a relaxed and safe environment. This means we believe in ensuring each of our valued patients feel fully comfortable and confident in every step of their treatment.

Taking the time understand your concerns as well as your aspirations for your new smile, our highly experienced team will clearly explain how Dental Implants could change your life and help you smile with confidence. whiles answering any questions or queries you may have, our aim is to help you find the right treatment for you, based on your budget and individual requirements.





Keep your Smile and Facial Structure

Functionality and visual appearance go together. An implant-borne restoration looks like a natural tooth - there is no visible difference, and no special care required.

Implants transmit chewing forces to the jaw bone. This is not the case if teeth are missing, or when a conventional denture has been put in place. If these forces cease, the bone may slowly recede over time.

An Implant Merges with your Body

Even the best prosthesis will always be a foreign body that requires extensive care. By contrast, a dental implant is simply an artificial root, which on healing, merges with the body and acts likes a natural one.


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See what our Dental Implant Retained Denture patients say on video

Dental Implant retained denture treatment at our dental practice in Leicester by Gipsy Lane Dental dentists


Mrs Kapur speaks about her Implant Retained Dentures treatment and how Dental Implants have changed her life for the better.

Mr Cook talks about his Implant Retained Dentures treatment and how stable he now finds his teeth.

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